Annie Rivieccio

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Height: 5’ 5”
Weight: 158 Contest, 166-172 Off Season
Bicep Size: 17”
Chest: 44”
Hair Color: Brown
The most remarkable thing about Annie Rivieccio is not necessarily her heavyweight proportions or her dynamic physical presence. It's not even the fact that she's been developing her physique and making these highly "physical" statements for over 13 years, establishing the foundation of what has been a prolific career on the women's bodybuilding scene during the 90's.
No, it's that Annie Rivieccio is about to turn the page on her 38th birthday, and, somehow, the sport (she prefers "lifestyle") of bodybuilding is still more progressive and relevant to her than that of the teenage and twenty-something newcomers borne from gyms on a daily basis. Easily one of bodybuilding‘s most powerful women, Annie comes clean in her interviews about men, growing up strong and what makes her knees weak.