Beate Braebing

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Height: 58
Weight: 155 lbs.
Bicep Size: 15
Chest: 36
Hair Color: Brown
Beate is the Austrian, European and World IFBB Amateur Champion. She is one of the most beautiful female athletic champions in any sport in the world, or at least in the running for that title. Beate's success would be a good thing for the entire sport. Ask female bodybuilders how they got into physique competition and almost all of them will cite seeing photos of some champion that inspired them - Rachel, Cory, Anja, Lenda and so on. Beate Draebing (and others like her) at the top of the pro ranks would not only inspire another generation of young hopefuls, but would also improve the sale of tickets, magazines and attract an increased audience for television and videos. We believe that beauty is in the hearts of those who believe in themselves. Beate's God-given natural beauty enhanced by a delightful balance of feminine muscle will take this athlete to the heights of hard-won physical perfection.




photos: 9