Denise Masino

photos: 18,958 videos: 221

Height: 5’2”
Weight: 136 lbs.
Bicep Size: 15”
Chest: 36D
Hair Color: Brown
DENISE HAS built a successful multi-media and publishing business that includes a long standing modeling and video career. Through sheer will and a "spunky, independent determination and people loving spirit she has also enjoyed a successful professional competitive bodybuilding career." The challenges experienced left her able to "handle any situation, good or bad, and with the satisfaction of knowing success is the best revenge." She was born in Brooklyn, New York of Puerto Rican parents, but Denise's dark hair, large brown eyes and olive skin make her appear more Asian or Middle Eastern. She's open, candid and minces no words about the characteristics her dream man must have. " He should be shy and have real sex appeal - but not know it. He should be a business executive, wear well-tailored suits, and comfortable shoes. He's got to be in control in a quiet way and have confidence in his eyes. The right man can turn any woman into a sensual being." Read our many interviews with the world’s most popular muscle queen.
Place of birth: Brooklyn, NY
Color of Eyes: Brown
Measurements: 36D - 26 - 34