Alicia Alfaro

photos: 2,464 videos: 25

Height: 5'3"
Weight: 140 lbs Contest, 155 Offseason
Bicep Size: 15"
Chest: 40"
Hair Color: Brown
Who is that new hottie? This seriously sexy, brown-eyed IFBB Pro has traveled from Argentina just to pose nude for us and is about to become your newest crush. That's right, this is Alicia Alfaro's first published erotic shoot ever! Her sexual energy just blew us away (not to mention a smokin' hot rear end that left the men on our shoot speechless). We are thankful Alicia Alfaro is sticking around just long enough to do a shoot with Denise...but that's for later. Gives you guys something to dream about. Some other quick facts...she hails from Buenos Aires where she works as a fitness trainer, but wants to move to Miami permanently, open her own gym and qualify for the Ms. Olympia; She benches 275 lbs. and can squat 405 lbs.; and when asked what her favorite sex toy is, she answered "my boyfriend." Some guys have all the luck.